Bali Reopening Borders

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Indonesia and Bali Reopening to Tourists

Plans to reopen Bali to international tourism on September 11th were put on hold indefinitely. Governor Wayan Koster said, “After considering all the current factors that are of serious concern, it can’t be done”. 

Bali was trying to open to international tourism prior to the whole country reopening. Unfortunately, after speaking with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Governor Koster had to delay the reopening until 2021. This is inline with what the Indonesian government announced. 

Governor Koster knows the economic importance of tourism to Bali. In 2019, it was estimated that over 6 million people visited Bali. He understands that Bali is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. 

“Bali must not fail because it will have a negative impact on the image of Indonesia, including Bali in the eyes of the world, which could have counter-productive consequences for tourism recovery efforts.”

When will Indonesia Reopen its Borders?

This is the million dollar questions. When will Indonesia reopen its borders and what might that look like? As mentioned before, Bali was planning for a reopen date on September 11th. You could see Indonesia restructuring their phased reopen plan to allow international tourists to visit Bali first. In any event, a negative COVID test will likely be a requirement and possibly testing on arrival like many other countries have implemented. 

We are hopeful for a reopen date in January 2021, but until then we can just keep dreaming about those crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Don’t let these closures keep you from planning a trip. If and when things reopen, the people of Indonesia will be eager to welcome you back. Now is also a great time to research different trips, operators and take advantage of deals. Here is a list of current promotions being offered by Indonesia dive liveaboards. 

We will continue to update this as new information is released. You can also visit Indonesia’s Tourism site for COVID-19 updates