Bali Reopening Borders

Indonesia and Bali Reopening to Tourists Plans to reopen Bali to international tourism on September 11th were put on hold indefinitely. Governor Wayan Koster said, “After considering all the current factors that are of serious concern, it can’t be done”.  Bali was trying to open to international tourism prior to the whole country reopening. Unfortunately, … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Bali

Best things to do in Bali, Indonesia visit Ulan Danu Temple

Best Things to Do in Bali An incomplete Guide to Touring Bali Indonesia awaits with an endless list of places and experiences to explore, hence the “incomplete list”. You could spend your entire life traveling Indonesia only to scratch the surface of its beauty and history. Whether planning a liveaboard trip, staying at a resort … Read more

Virtual Scuba Getaway

Batu Bolong Dive Site, Komodo, Indonesia on Google Earth "The World's Ocean"

Who else is ready to dive after quarantining for most of 2020? While most dive destinations are still closed and many of us live in hotspots, there’s still a way to explore the underwater world. Spend this time researching your next dive vacation or learning about the underwater world through any number of documentaries. Here … Read more