Who else is ready to dive after quarantining for most of 2020?

While most dive destinations are still closed and many of us live in hotspots, there’s still a way to explore the underwater world. Spend this time researching your next dive vacation or learning about the underwater world through any number of documentaries. Here are some resources to help you plan your next trip or just have a virtual scuba getaway.  

Looking to book a dive trip to Indonesia? This site is designed to be your ultimate guide in planning your next liveaboard trip.

Raja Ampat

The world’s most biodiverse reefs with more species of fish and coral than anywhere in the world!


Komodo is best known for the Komodo Dragons, but lets not forget this is one of the top locations for diving with manta rays too.

Banda Sea

This is the best itinerary for big creature diving with whales migrating, dolphins, and schooling hammerheads. 

Google Earth's The World's Ocean

This is one of our coolest quarantine finds! Google Earth has assembled 360° shots of different dive sites around the world. You can transport yourself from your couch to Batu Bolong in Komodo with the click of your mouse! Check out these sites across Indonesia:

Ocean Documentaries and Mini-series

Blue Planet 1 & Blue Planet 2

The Blue Planet series is one of the most incredible series highlighting everything from coral reefs to the deepest depths of the ocean. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to!

Available on Netflix

Our Planet

A Netflix Series, Our Planet in an 8-part series showcasing the planet’s breathtaking diversity. Only two of the episodes are focused solely on the ocean (“Coastal Seas” & “The High Seas”) but they are all worth a watch.

Disney's Oceans

Disneynautre’s Oceans is an extraordinary glimpse into the wonders of the underwater world. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan, the documentary gives the feeling you are swimming next to a great white or in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Coming to Disney+ September 25, 2020. 

Chasing Coral

Divers, scientists and photographers around the world mount an epic underwater campaign to document the disappearance of coral reefs.

Sea of Hope

Sylvia Earle sets out to inspire a new generation to continue her efforts in protecting the world’s most vital resource, our oceans. This NatGeo documentary was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our national parks system. Now available on Disney+